Retirement Ceremony of 
Chief Fire Controlman 
(Surface Warfare) 
Dennis A. Fain, USN

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The Photo Gallery follows the sequence of of my ceremony

You can browse through the gallery following the sequence of the ceremony using the VCR-style buttons at the top and bottom of each page, or you can go to any gallery directly using the following links:

  • Gallery 1: View the invitation and the retirement program. Also credits and thanks to those that helped make my ceremony wonderful.

  • Gallery 2: Entry of the Official Party, Parade the Colors, the National Anthem, and the Invocation.  Video

  • Gallery 3: The guest speaker, LCDR Scott Colton, telling stories about me and recapping my career in the Navy. 

  • Gallery 4: Awards, Letters of Congratulations, and other presentations. 

  • Gallery 5: Presentations to the family.

  • Gallery 6: Presentation of the Retirement Flag, and the Passing-of-the-flag Ceremony, Video.

  • Gallery 7: My Speech, and the Introduction of My Special Guest Speakers - Two Pearl Harbor Survivors.

  • Gallery 8: The Benediction, Reading of "The Watch", Piping-over-the-side Ceremony, Conclusion, Video.

  • Gallery 9: Family Photos

Please note, these pages are not finished yet... I still have a ton of captions to add to the pictures.  I have been asked numerous times to put the Passing-of-the-Flag video on my site for some to watch again, so here it is.  For those that weren't able to attend... better late than never.
                                                                                                                      - Dennis

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