Farewell to my old Volvo...
(And the flag was still there!)

A lost ODU student in a hurry ran a stop sign on April 4th, 2003 as I was driving down Granby Street at night.  First time I ever had a policeman on scene within 30 seconds!  A Norfolk Police officer was about 100 feet away from the intersection using an ATM.  He saw me drive by, then looked back at the ATM, so he didn't actually see the crash but he sure heard it.  He told me he had never been so close to an accident while outside a vehicle, and couldn't believe how loud it was.  Thank God (and the respective inventors) for seat belts and air bags!  The other driver did get a ticket for running the stop sign, but neither one of us went off in an ambulance, so we were both lucky in that respect.  I guess this means I'll start driving our van and Gladys will get a new car.  I knew there was a reason I kept putting off that new paint job!

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Loading on the tow truck...
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The other car...
MVC-797S.JPG (38564 bytes) MVC-806S.JPG (38369 bytes)

The stop sign she missed...
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Daylight photos, waiting for the adjuster to view...
(I'm pretty sure the other car was doing more than 25 MPH!)
MVC-815F.JPG (131760 bytes) MVC-821F.JPG (180272 bytes) MVC-816F.JPG (129719 bytes) MVC-820F.JPG (128161 bytes) MVC-818F.JPG (125513 bytes)MVC-819F.JPG (126720 bytes) MVC-817F.JPG (127670 bytes) MVC-822F.JPG (127472 bytes) MVC-828F.JPG (128480 bytes)
The front is pushed so far left that the rear of the car tilts to the right. The transmission shifted enough to tilt the gear selector and split the housing around it.
MVC-825F.JPG (130418 bytes)
MVC-827F.JPG (126646 bytes) 


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