Retirement Ceremony for 
Chief Fire Controlman 
(Surface Warfare) 
Dennis A. Fain, USN

Link to Fleet Training Center, Norfolk, VA
Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist  
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Freedom is not free, thank a Veteran!

December 7, 2000 is Pearl Harbor Day, the 59th anniversary.  Part of the ceremony will pay tribute to the veterans that never had the chance to see retirement, because they paid the ultimate price for their country.  Freedom is not free!
Navy Chiefs, Navy Pride

100th Aniversary of the Chief Petty Officer community

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Map and Driving Directions
(via MapQuestTM)

  • From I-64 (East or West)...

  • Take I-564W to the end, where it will become Admiral Taussig Blvd.

  • The 3rd light will be Hampton Blvd., make a right.

  • You will now enter the Naval Base through Gate 1, and Hampton Blvd. becomes Maryland Avenue.

  • Go through one light at Gilbert Street, the next intersection will be Powhatan St.

  • Club Pier 26 is at the corner, on the left.

  • Turn left, parking is past the club on the left, or across the street.

  • The Sand Dollar III room is upstairs.

  • Reception immediately afterwards, including hors d'oeuvres, beer, ice tea, punch, soda, coffee.

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Freedom is not free, thank a Veteran!
Enjoy freedom? Thank a Veteran.

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