Retirement Ceremony of 
Chief Fire Controlman 
(Surface Warfare) 
Dennis A. Fain, USN

Ceremony Participants:

Special thanks to the following participants,
 for making this a truly special ceremony:

Commanding Officer, Fleet Training Center Norfolk: 
CAPT Fred S. Bertsch

 Ceremony Coordinator: FCC Barks
Master of Ceremonies:
ETCS Dallas
Guest Speaker: LCDR Scott C. Colton, 
Electronics School Director, FTC Norfolk
Invocation/Benediction: Brother Hilary Mettes
ETC Dwiggins
Read "The Watch": ET1 Hubert
Video Camera: ET1 Jerue
Still Camera: ET1 Berg
Music: ET1 Roark

Sideboys: ETC Anderson, ETC Bodge, ETC Doyle,
ETC Chewning, ETC Hayes, ETC Mobley, FCC Barks (alternate)

Passing-of-the-flag Ceremony:
Coordinator: ETC Mobley, E-7: FCC Barks,
E-6: FC1 Richburg, E-5: EW2 Pfingsten,
E-4: IT3 Carver, E-3: SN Ford,
Flag Bearer: SSGT DeGrasse

I will always be grateful for your help!     - Dennis

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