Retirement Ceremony of 
Chief Fire Controlman 
(Surface Warfare) 
Dennis A. Fain, USN

Medal of Honor - The music that accompanied the 
ceremonial passing-of-the-flag

Medal of Honor PlayStation game cover Medal of Honor SoundtrackScene from the PlayStation game.

The music used for the flag ceremony was the first track from 
the Medal of Honor soundtrack, by Michael Giacchino.  Medal of Honor is a companion video game based on the Steven Spielberg film Saving Private Ryan.

Some of Giacchino's previous video game scores for Dreamworks, included The Lost World and Small Soldiers

  • Composed and Produced by: Michael Giacchino

  • Orchestrated by: Tim Simonec

  • Label: Dreamworks Records

  • Release Date: December 7th, 1999

  • CD Availability/Value: Limited U.S. release, available only through select outlets and stores.  Suggestions: Amazon.Com or eBay.

  • Total Time: 73:09

All artwork from Medal of Honor are Copyright 1999, Dreamworks Records. Its appearance on this site is for informational, non-profit use, and may not be redistributed without their expressed written consent.

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