Car Accident, October 5, 2005...

On the way home from work, about 9:50 PM, while stopped at the light at Rosemont and Dam Neck, Natalie's car was hit from behind by a Toyota Camry.  The impact made her foot come off the brake and pushed her car about 12 feet forward, so she hit the car in front of her... a Virginia Beach Police cruiser!  The officers heard the first impact and had started to turn their heads to see what happened when she rolled into them, causing one to hit his head on the shotgun rack.  On the bright side, she didn't have to wait for the police to arrive, and they were witnesses to the accident.  They knew she was at a complete stop behind them when she was hit, so they told her it wasn't her fault and she shouldn't worry about hitting their car.  Fortunately, there were no serious injuries, just the usual sore necks and backs.  She was close to her parent's house, so it only took them about about 2 minutes to get there.  Dad took the pictures below while Natalie was filling out paperwork.

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Paint chips from Natalie's rear bumper lie on the pavement in front of the Toyota, showing where her car was when it was hit, well behind the police car..

The license plate of the car that hit Natalie's left an imprint of the numbers on her rear bumper, showing that the center of the other car hit the left side, right above the exhaust pipe, which is where the bumper is shown crumpled in the other photos...


Daytime Photos - Close-ups of the damage...

The rest of the car...

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