Digital Photography
in Hampton Roads
by Dennis Fain,
Compatible Computer Services.

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Sony Mavica FD-83 Digital Camera

Photos from one of our Nor'Easter storms...

ne-fld1f.jpg (61045 bytes)

Closed street

ne-fld2f.jpg (51342 bytes)

Side street or canal?

ne-fld3f.jpg (40640 bytes)

Canal, definitely!

ne-fld4f.jpg (48640 bytes)

Rosemont "River" Road

The photos above were taken with my Sony Mavica® digital camera at 640x480 VGA "fine" resolution. 

Image resolutions of 1024x768  Sunrise at 1024x768 and 1216x912 Sunrise at 1216x912 are also available.

MPEG movies with sound, that can be e-mailed and played back with most internet browsers, can be made at the push of a button, up to 60 seconds long at 160x112 resolution, or 30 seconds at 320x240.  A wide-angle lens can take full-room shots, among other uses.  The pictures are saved directly to a 3.5" floppy disk in standard *.JPG format, 5 to 30 on a disk, depending on the resolution.  No need to wait for "development" like regular cameras.  Pop the disk in your home or office computer and e-mail the photos to family, friends, business associates, etc., or upload the pictures for use on your WEB site, as they are shown here.


ring1_f.jpg (47436 bytes)

and diamonds

ring2_f.jpg (42286 bytes)

and diamonds

coin1_f.jpg (67210 bytes)

1982 Washington
Half Dollar

coin2_f.jpg (68280 bytes)

1975 Paul Revere
Bicentennial Medal

Close-ups show remarkable clarity as well, and the shots above were taken at 640x480 VGA "fine" resolution. Click on them to see the full-size photos.  Want to advertise items for sale or showcase your collectibles?  I'll photograph whatever you want and hand you the disk.  The pictures appear clearest when your monitor is set for 16-bit "high" color or higher.  At 256-color resolution or below, the photos usually appear grainy.  Printing usually requires a good color printer and glossy paper.  The photos on disk may be converted to prints by digital photo imaging shops.  

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