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Visit Dennis Fain's new company website, FiberTrain.Com, to see the mobile fiber optics and data cabling installer training he provides.

Offering a variety of "PC compatible" computer services in Virginia Beach, VA since 1989, Compatible Computer Services is perfect for small businesses and private citizens alike. As a consultant, programmer, technician and tutor, NOT a salesman, Dennis Fain is dedicated to helping you choose the right system, not the most expensive, from various local dealers. He can help you determine what system will best fit your needs, allowing you to make an educated decision in a world full of "technobabble" (bits and bytes, gigabytes, megaflops, RAM & ROM, EDO, Serial, Parallel, COM ports, ISA, PCI, IRQ's, SCSI, EIDE, ESDI, ISDN, k56flex, etc.).  Also download the free Y2K program date sanity checker DOD-Y2K written by Dennis for older PCs that don't handle pre-2000 dates properly.

The best of both worlds, you get the system you can afford, as closely matched to your needs as possible, along with someone to pick it up, deliver it, set it up, and teach you how to use it. To top it off, you have full warranty service from the original manufacturer and dealer.  CCS is not a reseller!

Internet Services

Looking for a site to host your web home page?  Host it here on Fain.Net, or let Compatible Computer Services design a web site for you, like the sites listed below.  CCS can even set up a web site with your own domain name (if available) and get you set up on a virtual hosting site, as well as register your domain name for you. To find out if your name has been used, go to the Network Solutions Website and try out various .COM, .NET or .ORG combinations, like,, and to see if they've been taken yet, substituting your choice in front of the .com, .org & .net.  If they're used, try with your initials, etc, as in, or or the like. 

Websites maintained by Compatible Computer Services (as Webmaster) include:

After your site is set up, Compatible Computer Services can perform search engine registration for your web site to help web surfers find it.

If you already have a web site, or even just a home page somewhere, CCS can provide web ranking reports based on a search of various keywords (of your own choosing) among the top 10 internet search engines on the web to let you see where you appear relative to similar sites.  Then you can consider making changes to your site to make key words and content more relevant to the search engine spiders.  Periodic updates will let you track changes to see if your web position is moving up or down in major search engines.

At the request of some of my clients, here's that link to PowerSnipe, the automatic eBay bidding program I use when I can't be on my computer, that wins auctions by placing last-minute bids on the items I want.

Other Services

  • System purchase or upgrade consulting;
  • System pickup, delivery, installation, setup, upgrades, and service;
  • User training, from turning on the system to installing and using programs, even how to browse the Internet;
  • Y2K services, from system checkout to upgrading;
  • LAN installation, networking and network expansion with Windows 3.x, '95 & '98;
  • Data Recovery, from hard disk or floppy disk.
  • Custom database design and programming;
  • Help installing new programs or games;
  • WEB site and page design, site management;
  • WEB site search engine registration;
  • Digital camera photography, direct to floppy disk, of whatever you want photographed at up to 1216x912 pixel resolution. Great for e-mailing pictures, cataloging valuables and a host of other uses.  Even MPEG movies of up to one minute length, suitable for e-mailing. See sample photos.
  • Digitize your movies from tape to MPEG.  Put up to two hours of video on a CD, depending on resolution and sound quality desired;
  • WEB ranking reports for your site by various search key words or phrases from the top 10 search engines.  Are you #1?   #10?   #30?

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